Stromboli – Panarea – Lipari

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In the days of:
Wednesday - Friday - Sunday

Departure from:

Vibo Marina: 6:20 am Map
Tropea: 7:30 am Map

(Please consider to arrive 30 min before departure time.)

Arrival to Stromboli Port Scari, around 9:15 a.m

1.30 stop to vist the little village of San Vincenzo, for shopping, have a swim or to walk on the famous volcanic black sand beaches.

Departure from Stromboli at approximately 10:45 a.m.


Arrival at Panarea, porto of San Pietro, at about 11:30 a.m.

Stop of h 1.30 at the Porto of San Pietro so that can visit the little village and, for who wanted to, it is possible to reach the little prehistoric village or to have a swim. To reach these two places you have to walk for about 40/45 minutes. We suggest you to rent a taxi to reach these places, and booking the way back to the port, in this way you will get on time at the port for the embarkation.

Scheduled departure at 01.00 p. m. heading to Lipari.



Arrival at Lipari, port of Marina Corta, at about 01:45 p.m.

About 2.30 hour stop. There are several activities that can be taken on the island: as visiting the Archaeological Museum of Lipari (Timetable and fares of the Archaeological Museum of Lipari), a walk along the main street of the town, lunch in affiliated restaurants or delis, TOUR OF THE ISLAND by boat. It is not recommended having a swim in the sea around the port, we suggest you to take a taxi to reach the nearest beaches. For this reason we suggest to have a swim in the sea of the first and the last islands that are near the disembarkation port.

Departure from Lipari at about 4:15 p.m.




at Tropea port around 7:00 p.m.

at Vibo Marina port around 8:00 p.m.


The arrival and departure times to and from each island expressed on our website or on the flyers are to be considered INDICATIVE as they are subject to weather MARINE conditions, maritime traffic and provisions by the port authorities

The precise departure times are communicated only by the captain, or by the on-board guide, on the day of the excursion upon arrival near the islands


Price for:
Adult € 60,00 + € 5,00 Visiting-tax in Aeolian Islands

Kids € 35,00 + € 5,00 Visiting-tax in Aeolian Islands


Tropea: 7:00 pm about
Vibo Marina: 8:00 pm about

Map Stromboli – Panarea – Lipari


The journey to the islands is carried out only in calm sea conditions and it is necessary to reach a minimum number of passengers.
It is advisable to bring a bathing suit

The following services are available on ships:
Bar (coffee, soft drinks, croissants, snacks, sandwiches)
HI-FI system
Multi-language tour guide

General conditions:
Cancellation policy: we reserve the right to cancel the trip at any time before the start according to the law n ° 1084 of December 27th 1977, without any other obligation than the refound of the amount paid. Once 2/3 of the trip has been made, no refound is due.


Adults: € 60
Guys (3 - 12): € 35
5€ Entrance fee to the Aeolian islands is not included

The purchase of the ticket can be made only after our confirmation by E-MAIL of the booking

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In the days of:
Wednesday - Friday - Sunday


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Boys: Price:

5€ Entrance fee to the Aeolian islands is not included

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The purchase of the ticket can be made only after our confirmation by E-MAIL of the booking